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What is Cloud-based ITSM And How Does It Work?

Cloud-based ITSM refers to the delivery of IT service management functionalities via the cloud, rather than through traditional on-premises software

Accelerating Indonesias Digital Economy Agenda

The adoption of digital technology paves the way for more efficient, accessible, and cost-effective business and consumer practices, signalling...

Data-Driven Defense: AI-Powered Threat Hunting Strategies

Cyber threats have evolved from simple, isolated attacks to complex, orchestrated campaigns that exploit vulnerabilities across multiple fronts

Catalyzing Change: Mastering Leadership in the Age of AI

Leaders who catalyze change in the Age of AI cultivate a culture of innovation and adaptability, fostering an environment where AI is seen as an enabler of new possibilities.

Incorporating COBIT® 2019 Framework in the Banking Industry

This article delves into the integration of COBIT® 2019 within banking institutions, specifically focusing on IT audits...

Learning Curve in Project Management

Learning curve in Project Management context embodies the saying practice makes perfect. Understanding learning curve is crucial...

Strategic Data Model Design: A Comprehensive Guide for Data Scientist

strategic data modeling is the process of defining and organizing data structures to support business objectives.

Adaptive vs. Predictive: Which is Better for Your Project Management Success

Two prominent approaches that often take center stage in this decision-making process are Adaptive and Predictive methodologies

Unveiling the Dark Side of Agile: Tackling Unproductivity Head-On

Agile, when misunderstood, can devolve into a rigid set of rules rather than embodying a flexible mindset, inhibiting the...

Enhancing Scalability in IT Governance with COBIT® 2019

COBIT® 2019, a globally recognized framework for IT Governance, emerges as a key player in contributing to the enhancement of scalability.

Fine-Tuning Sentiment Analysis with Text Analytics

In the vast realm of data science, one application that has gained substantial prominence is sentiment analysis

Execution Excellence: 8 Tactical Project Management Strategies

Effectively managing projects in the digital era requires a holistic approach that integrates technological advancements, agile methodologies, and a keen focus on data-driven decision-making.

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