Exceeding Company's Talent Requirements

Our Campus Affiliate service offers an International Certification Partnership Program, or ICPP in short, to support the talent development for both students and lecturers with International Certifications so that they are well-ahead to meet companies’ talent requirements

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Campus Affiliate

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The key to build our graduates to be ready to face the national and global job competition are the lecturers, who needs to be equipped and always update on the new skills, knowledge, and technology, and ensuring the syllabus and curriculum given are updated and relevant to industry needs.

Based on our research, it’s rare for the lecturers in Indonesia to be given a chance to join the Continuous Professional Education. The reasons being are scarcity and lack of availability for the training outside of Java Island such as in Sumatera, Kalimantan, and others, and mostly because of the cost.In this regards, since 2007 Multimatics has actively involved and participated to develop Indonesia’s lecturers through Lecturer Professional Development Certification Program(LPDCP), where Multimatics hasalready subsidized more than one thousand lecturers to be trained and certified.

Multimatics offers Academic program called International Certification Partnership Program(ICPP),which will deliver the highest quality standards based on global best practice through a strong support in culture of quality and leadership that focuses on sound academic standards, continuous improvement, the talent development of students and lecturers, and also offer them a learning experience that enhances their career development, lifetime values, and personal fulfillment.

Services and programs of Multimatics ICPP are designed to collaborate with Indonesian Education Institutions in several education level covering High School, Vocational High School, College and University. Multimatics ICPP is committed to serve students, teachers, administrators, education board members, and parents to meet their needs.

Campus Affiliate Multimatics Strategic Partner

Why Choose Multimatics As Your Strategic Partner?

  1. Global Best Practice: Multimatics ICPP is based on years of professional experience and standard of best practices, as Multimatics is the Authorized and Affiliate Partner of Microsoft, Adobe, CompTIA, Quint Wellington Redwood, ISACA Indonesia Chapter, PMI Indonesia Chapter, PASAS, GIEF, FORESEC, and many more.
  2. Proven Excellent Track Record:Multimatics has excellent track record for the success of ICPP. We have created pathway towards a successful certification which included curriculum analysis, training of trainers, monitoring, and pre-test to sustain the delivery of high quality programs and measurement of students’ improvement. Our participants’ testimonies are available for public view in various social media, such as Facebook and Youtube.
  3. One Stop Solution: Multimatics offer a wide range and variety of certification programs to fulfill all of your students’ needs. We have 15 knowledge areas and 66 International Certification Programs.
  4. Viable and SteadyPartner: Multimatics has more than 10 years of experience in Training, Certification, and Consulting in IT and Business Management, therefore participants will receive expert insights, valuable field tested and applicable knowledge. We have a sturdy foundation which will keep our existence and growth in the future that ensures our partnership to last long and steady.
  5. Pool of Best Professionals: Multimatics has the best Consultants, Certified Instructors, Practitioners, and Professionals with technical expertise and extensive hands on experience.

Key Benefits for Institution, Lecturer, and Student:

  1. Benefit for Institution:

    • Provides relevant and state-of-the-art certification programs to students.
    • International certification program and leading-edge curriculum will give automatic improvement in education institution image and reputation..
    • Strategic way to develop your lecturers by Multimatics through this partnership.
    • Strategic partnership with overseas Institution which will give additional point value in a national accreditation process.
  2. Benefits for Lecturer:

    • Increase quality of lectures through continuous professional education and international certification through a subsidized LPDCP.
    • Elevates their accomplishments and boosts confidence in their own expertise.
    • Improvement of lecturers welfare through improvement of their productive output which lead to higher professional remuneration.
  3. Benefit for Institution:

    • Great way to distinguish students to the crowd by demonstrating valuable skills required for success in today’s national and international job market.
    • Cost efficient and affordable way to obtain internationally recognized certification.
    • Receives real-world recognized credentials.
    • Study under an internationally accepted curriculum.

Multimatics now is spread out all over Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke and currently works with over 85 educational institutions. For over a decade we have certified 100,000 of graduate students with internationally recognized professional certifications through classes based on professional training with global best practices.


Through this, Multimatics encourages Higher Education Institution to join and participate with other campusesthat have already joined and partnered with Multimatics. This Collaboration program enables you to upgrade your curriculum towards an accepted international level, improve the quality of your faculty and your lecturers, and certify both lecturers and students. Join us now for the great program offerings!

Connect with us and let us show you the way to get all the benefits mentioned above!