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Enhancing the Employee Experience through Advanced IT Service Management (ITSM)

In this digital transformation era, modern organizations are adopting IT Service Management (ITSM) as a crucial aspect of supporting the...

Immersive Customer Experience: A Business Trend to Watch in 2023

Immersive customer experience refers to a multisensory experience that spans a journey and is contextually...

“Future-Ready” Organizations: Enhancing Digital Operations for Significant Business Growth

While being dynamically changes, organizations are forced to adapt and align with arising innovation. Being resilient and productive is no longer put them into the competition. Being future ready organizations are needed to optimize business performance and win the market.

Crafting Successful Digital Transformation with ITIL® Leader: Digital and IT Strategy

Digital transformation has become a key focus for many organizations as they seek to remain competitive in an increasingly digital world. A well-crafted digital...

Recruiting the Right Future-Ready Talents for Digital Enterprise

Enterprises are investing huge amounts of money in new technology and infrastructure as they undergo a digital transformation, and talents hold the key to realizing the benefits of these investments.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Acceleration as Competitive Advantages in Dynamic Business Environment

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will continue to improve business forecasting in 2023 by offering accurate and current insights into the future. AI is a very flexible tool because it looks for patterns in many kinds of data, making it well suited for accurate forecasting.

The Role of OJK in Accelerating Digital Transformation in Banking in Indonesia

The ever-changing business environment financial services in order to improve economic stability, especially as Indonesia stated as one of the country in Southeast Asia to have a higher living standards and huge economic potentials, according to World Bank. Therefore, OJK as Indonesian Financial Service Authority makes benefit of the potential by the release of master plan for the Indonesian Financial Service Sector

Redefining Leadership in the Digital Era

In the growing digital era, companies need to redefine its leadership strategy and framework to rework the uprising challenges in the digital transformation era. Supported by effective corporate governance practices, the potential digital leaders will be able to manage technology and knowledge to develop innovative vision.

Wireless Network Users Must Be Careful of These Attacks!

In digital transformation era, wireless network attacks often try to intercept information delivered across the network or interfere with information flow.

Powerful Trio for Better Product Development: Lean Startup, Design Thinking, and Agile

In digital transformation era, projects can be managed and executed using Agile, Lean Startup methodology, and Design Thinking process.

ITIL® Service Design for Maximum IT Operation Performance and Customer Excellence

The increasing demand of customers’ expectation leads to greater services offered by organizations. In this case, ITIL® Service Design can be beneficial for organizations to have a thorough perspective on their customers’ expectation...

Citizen Developer: Anyone Can Be a Developer!

Over the past years, organizations has spent decades in developing and improving their business models, specifically in technology and softwares that supports them. As the demand for updated and improved softwares increases. Organization find it challenging to fulfill the development...

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