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Data Science with RapidMiner

RapidMiner is a popular choice for most data scientists, owing to its ease of use and versatile nature. The Data Science with RapidMiner training program offered by Multimatics is designed to help participants understand how RapidMiner can be used for various data-science applications. Participants will also learn how to create reproducible data processing pipelines, visualizations, and prediction models. The training material is prepared based on the latest version of RapidMiner, accompanied by discussions and exercises to work on the questions.

At the end of the program, the participants will be able to :

  • Understand how RapidMiner can be used for various data-science applications
  • Create reproducible data analyses using RapidMiner
  • Perform data exploration using RapidMiner
  • Understand and implement data modelling concepts
  • Understand and implement prediction analytics
  • Understand key concepts and roles in data science
  • Understand and implement the stages of the data science process
  • Solve data science case studies according to the standard cross industry processes

This program is designed for Database Administrator, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Researcher, Programmer, and everyone who is interested in learning about data.

This program is 5 days of intensive training class.

  • Hardware

    This program requires a computer system for the instructor and one for each student. The minimum hardware requirements are as follows:

    • Processor: i5
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Hard Disk: 10 GB
    • An internet connection
  • Software

    The minimum software requirements are as follows:

    • RapidMiner Studio 9.10

The program provided by Multimatics will be delivered through interactive presentation by professional instructor(s), group debriefs, individual and team exercises, behavior modelling and roleplays, one-to-one and group discussion, case studies, and projects.

There is no specific examination in this program, but participants fully attended this program will be given a Certificate of Completion from Multimatics.

  • What and Why Data Science
  • Main Role and Data Science Method
  • History and Data Science Implementation
  • Proses dan Tools Data Science
  • Implement Data Science Process
  • Evaluation Model Data Science
  • Data Science Process Based CRISP-DM
  • RapidMiner Studio - GUI
  • Visualizing Data in RapidMiner
  • The RapidMiner Marketplace - Extensions
  • Importing Data in RapidMiner Studio
  • Data Loading Via a Process
  • Data Pivoting
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Reduction
  • Data Transformation and Data Discretization
  • Data Integration
  • Classification Algorithm
  • Clustering Algorithm
  • Association Algorithm
  • Estimation and Forecasting Algorithm
  • Text Science Concepts
  • Text Clustering
  • Text Classification
  • Build Real Case in Your Organization or Real Life

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