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Cobit 2019 Design & Implementation

Offered by ISACA®, COBIT® 2019 Design and Implementation certificate explores COBIT® 2019 key concepts provided within the COBIT® 2019 Design Guide and the COBIT® 2019 Implementation Guide. The COBIT® 2019 Design and Implementation training program offered by Multimatics is designed to how to apply these concepts in (simulated) practice, and how to analyze governance-related problems and solutions based on COBIT® 2019 solutions. The training material is prepared based on the latest edition of COBIT® 2019 Framework, accompanied by discussions and exercises to work on the questions.

Multimatics is an Authorized Training Partner for the COBIT® 2019 Design and Implementation training and certification program accredited by the ISACA®.

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the key concepts of COBIT 2019 as taught in the COBIT Foundation course
  • Describe the benefits of the COBIT 2019 Design Guide for its target audience
  • Describe the current design factors in COBIT 2019
  • Apply the design factor concept to identify relevant values
  • Describe the impact design factors can have on the design of a governance system
  • Describe the design workflow of a governance system
  • Use the steps in the design workflow for governance systems
  • Apply the design workflow to a concrete situation in order to obtain a governance system design
  • Describe and use the design guide toolkit in a concrete situation
  • Use the mapping tables between design factors and governance/management objectives pragmatically
  • Describe the purpose and scope of the COBIT 2019 Implementation Guide
  • Apply the implementation methodology and approach for a governance implementation program
  • Combine the process from both the COBIT 2019 Implementation Guide and the COBIT 2019 Design Guide to use in concrete situations
  • Apply the objectives, descriptions, and tasks of the seven implementation phases in concrete situations
  • Apply the challenges, root causes, and critical success factors of the seven implementation phases to concrete situations
  • Apply the key decision topics and related responsibilities for governance implementation to concrete situations

The program is designed for IT Consultants, IT Management and Governance related roles, Business Professionals who want to gain knowledge of the scope and structure of COBIT® 2019, and professionals who want to improve IT Governance in their or their clients’ organizations.

The program is 2 days of intensive training class.

The program provided by Multimatics will be delivered through interactive presentation by professional instructor(s), group debriefs, individual and team exercises, behavior modelling and roleplays, one-to-one and group discussion, case studies, and projects.

Participants must have the COBIT® 2019 Foundation certification to be able to take this certification.

Participants will take COBIT® 2019 Design and Implementation Exam which consists of 60 multiple choice questions. They will be given 3 hours to finish the exam. Participants who successfully passed the exam will be given an official COBIT® 2019 Design and Implementation certification from ISACA®.

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