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Certified Information Security Manager (CISM®)

Offered by ISACA®, Certified Information Security Manager (CISM®) is world-renowned as the standard of achievement for those who have their expertise in information security governance, program development and management, incident management and risk management. The CISM® training program offered by Multimatics is designed to help participants better understand how to assess risks, implement effective governance and proactively respond to incidents. The training material is prepared based on the latest edition of CISM® exam outline, accompanied by discussions and exercises to work on the questions.

Multimatics is an Authorized Training Partner for the CISM® training and certification program accredited by the ISACA®.

At the end of the program, the participants will be able to :

  1. Have a thorough insight into the culture, regulations and structure involved in enterprise governance
  2. Analyze, plan and develop information security strategies
  3. Analyze and identify potential information security risks, threats and vulnerabilities
  4. Identify and counter information security risks you will require to perform at management level
  5. Understand about the resources, asset classifications and frameworks for information security
  6. Manage information security programs, including security control, testing, comms and reporting and implementation
  7. Prepare a business to respond to incidents and guiding recovery
  8. Understand the tools, evaluation and containment methods for incident management

CISM® program is for information security and IT professionals, such as Network Administrators and Engineers, IT Managers, IT Auditors, IT Specialist, IT Consultant, IT Operation, MIS Manager and other individuals who want to learn more about information security and information security management, look for career advancement in IT security, or who are interested in earning the CISM® certification.

This program is 4 days of intensive training class.

The program provided by Multimatics will be delivered through interactive presentation by professional instructor(s), group debriefs, individual and team exercises, behavior modelling and roleplays, one-to-one and group discussion, case studies, and projects.

Have a minimum five years of experience with audit, IT system, and security of information systems, systems administration experience, familiarity with TCP/IP and an understanding of UNIX, Linux, and windows.

Participants will take CISM® Exam which consists of 150 multiple choice questions. They will be given 4 hours to finish the exam. Participants who successfully passed the exam will be given an official Certified Information Security Manager (CISM®) certification from ISACA®.

  1. Enterprise Governance
  2. Information Security Strategy
  1. Information Security Risk Assessment
  2. Information Security Risk Response
  1. Information Security Program Development
  2. Information Security Program Management
  1. Incident Management Readiness
  2. Incident Management Operations

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