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Professional who hold financial positions should take the roles of controlling corprations, providing performance and guidance for everybody in corporations so as to lead them to put all effort to maximize the value for stakeholders. Earning the CFMP Certification demonstrate a professional mastery over the complex, wide and dynamic issues of a Corporate Financial Management. It is the very set of skills that are constantly sought for by any corporation leaders.

To earn the CFMP credential, a professioanal must have a Finance related Bachelor Degree with 3 years of relevant professional experience. Additionally, a CFMP Certification holder must adhere to GIEF Ethical Standard, and complete the CFMP Education Program, and pass the CFMP Competency Assessment.

CFMP Certification is an industry recognized Professional Certification that provides holder with a grounded competency in Financial Management, Risk Management, Analysis, Strategies, Valuation and Planning.

At the end of this program, participants are expected to:

  1. Understand the economic principles of profit maximization, and the role of management in profit and value maximization.
  2. Understand and able to apply the financial tools used in planning such as the use of business model and financial projection.
  3. Be able to use financial analysis in project planning and able to manage project risks properly.
  4. Understand financial instruments and having skills in evaluating and managing financial portfolio.
  5. Be able to manage exchange rate risks.

This program is designed for financial professionals who are willing to work in the Financial Industries as financial analyst, consultant or managers.

This program is 5 days of intensive training class.

Participants are required to have a Bachelor degree with minimum 5 (five) years experiences in Financial fields or Master degress in Management with 2 (two) years experiences or CFMA Certification holder for minimum of 2 years experiences after holding CFMA

Integrated Assessment during Practices and Theoretical Assessment

CFMP (Financial Management Professional) Certification is awarded by GIEF

  1. Role of management in profit and value maximizing principles
  2. Elasticity and demand
  3. Profit maximization in Competitive market
  4. Profit maximization in Oligolopy market
  1. Designing business model
  2. Designing business plan
  3. Modelling financial projection
  4. Performance matrices of financial projections
  5. Performance matrices of financial projections
  1. Asset based valuation
  2. Discounted cash flow models
  3. Relative or market based valuation
  4. Option based valuation
  5. Basic of value creation management
  1. The scope of project financing
  2. Project analysis
  3. Understanding project financing plan
  4. The project sources of financing
  5. Managing project risks
  1. Financial instrument and their trading mechanism
  2. Financial portfolio
  3. Evaluation of portfolio performance
  4. Managing financial portfolio
  1. Exchange rate behaviour: PPP, IRP
  2. Forecasting exchange rate
  3. Managing transaction exposure
  4. Managing translation or accounting exposure
  5. Managing strategic exposure

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