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Blockchain Foundation

Offered by EXIN, Blockchain Foundation certification validates a professional’s knowledge about blockchain as a ledger with potential as a worldwide decentralized record for the registration, inventory, and transfer of assets. The Blockchain Foundation training program offered by Multimatics is designed to help participants understand better about the basic concepts of blockchain, the potential fields of application, the potential value for the organization and the technology driving the blockchain. The training material is prepared based on the official workbook by EXIN, accompanied by discussions and exercises to work on the questions.

Multimatics is an EXIN’s Silver Partner and Authorized Training Organization for Blockchain Foundation training and certification program accredited by EXIN.

By the end of the program, participants will be able to understand:

  • Explain how a blockchain works
  • Identify the role of a node in a network
  • Differentiate between public, private, and hybrid blockchains
  • Explain how cryptography, private and public keys, and hashes are used in a blockchain
  • Identify advantages and disadvantages of different consensus algorithms
  • Describe possible applications for a blockchain with regard to identity
  • Describe the role a blockchain can play in the supply chain
  • Differentiate between blockchain networks
  • Identify the possibilities of combining a blockchain with the Internet of Things (IoT) or artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Explain the use of blockchain technology for the protection of intellectual property rights (IP) and providence

The program is designed for professionals in both business and IT who have, or aim to have, a professional role in blockchain as a cryptographic and smart contract solution.

This program is a 2-day intensive training class.

The program provided by Multimatics will be delivered through interactive presentation by professional instructor(s), group debriefs, individual and team exercises, behavior modelling and roleplays, one-to-one and group discussion, case studies, and projects.

There is no specific requirement to join this program.

Participants will take Blockchain Foundation which consists of 40 multiple choice questions. They will be given 1 hour to finish the exam. Participants who successfully passed the exam will be given an official EXIN Blockchain Foundation certification from EXIN.

  1. Blockchain Technology
  2. Additional Blockchain Elements
  3. Structure of a Blockchain Network
  1. Challenges for a Blockchain
  2. Blockchain Risk Mitigation
  1. Blockchain Use Case
  2. Blockchain Technology Supporting Businesses
  3. Blockchain Technology Supporting People
  4. Expanding Blockchain Applications
  5. Blockchain and the World Economy
  • Innovations in Blockchain Technology

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