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This program provides knowledge and skills that will enable participants to further understand web design concepts. Use fundamental to advanced features of web editing tools. Web authoring and editing software that provides both visual and code-level capabilities for creating standards-based websites. Designing, editing and managing a website with Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 technology. At the end of training, participants will perform an ACE exam.

The Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 ACE exam tests participants’ knowledge of site architecture, designing page layouts, coding pages, and formatting page elements with CS6.

At the end of the program, the participants will be able to :

  1. Understand the fundamental concepts and operations involving HTML and Web authoring and editing tools.
  2. Explore fundamental to advance features of Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
  3. ACE exam preparatory to ensure readiness of participants
  4. Perform an ACE exam to test knowledge of site architecture, designing page layouts, coding pages, and formatting page elements with Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

Computer Graphics Designer, Web Designer, Sales and Marketing Communication Personnel, Social Media Personnel, Multimedia Designer.

This program is 5 days of intensive training class.

  1. Participants are individuals who have a minimum of three (3) years’ experience as a web developer.
  2. Participants should have experience with architecting a site, designing page layouts, coding pages, and formatting page elements with CSS.
  3. Participants should also be familiar with web standards and be able to render pages in modern web browsers. Knowledge of Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Photoshop, as well as IDEs for hand coding, is also suggested.

There will be two parts of examination in this program:

  1. Sixty (60) multiple-choice questions, covering a range of topics listed in Program Modules below.
  2. A short survey that use to gather information about participants’ product experience.

The certification exam is consists of a minimum passing score of 75% on a multiple choice exam. After completing the online exam, the candidates will be known the official score on the same time and will receive the official result via email.

Please note that the survey must be completed to qualify for earning the certification. The certification exam has a time limit of 65 minutes, and includes a timer to mark the remaining time.

The ACE: Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 exam is delivered through an independent testing, Pearson VUE.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Adobe Certified Experts will be awarded upon successfully passing the exam from Adobe.

  1. Working With The Document Window
  2. Managing Files in The Files Panel
  3. Updating Properties in The Property Inspector
  4. Configure Workspace Layout
  1. Creating The Local Root Folder
  2. Setting Server Information With Hosting Account Details
  3. Connecting Via FTP
  1. Using The New Document Dialog Box
  2. Creating and Managing Files With The Files Panel
  3. Previewing Pages in A Browser
  1. Using The Layout Section of The Insert Panel
  2. Creating Fluid Grid Layout
  1. Inserting Special Characters
  2. Using Find And Replace
  3. Using Spellcheck
  4. Understanding Paragraph and Header Tags
  5. Inserting Line Breaks
  6. Creating Lists
  1. Understanding Basic CSS Syntax
  2. Creating and Managing CSS Styles in The CSS Styles Panel
  3. Applying Styles Using The Property Inspector
  1. Understanding Basic Link Types
  2. Creating Links Using The Property Inspector
  3. Creating Content Navigation
  1. Inserting Images
  2. Using The Property Inspector To Update And Edit Images
  3. Inserting Flash Content
  1. Using The Code View of The Document Window
  2. Making Changes To Code Using Design View of The Document Window
  3. Selecting Specific Code
  4. Understanding Related Files
  5. Working With Behaviors
  1. Creating and Applying Templates
  2. Inserting Editable Regions
  3. Editing and Updating Templates
  4. Creating and Editing Library Items
  1. Using Jquery Mobile
  2. Understanding Phonegap
  1. Transferring Files By Using Get And Put
  2. Understanding and Using Check In/Check Out
  3. Uploading a Site Using The Files Panel

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