DIS: A Successful Guide to Digital Transformation

In today's era, business agility, resiliency, and productivity are the most crucial factors in determining the success of any enterprise. Due to today's advancements, customer habits and needs have changed and thus, business operations and models must also change. Enterprises must innovate, change operating and business models, adopt customer centricity culture, and take advantage of emerging technologies to successfully undergo digital transformation and survive in this disruptive era.


However, not many businesses could successfully embrace the digital era as they face failures in adopting the right digital innovation strategy. Typically, they are the ones who put too much focus in technology, without balancing them with the right digital mindset, culture, and changes in business model.


This program provides a strategic framework to build a disruptive digital business model that could lead you to a successful digital transformation. You also learn how to lead yourself, your team, and your organization successfully through a massive transformational change.

Program Objectives

Program Modules