Digial Transformation Journey

The Digital Transformation Journey Workshop program is the starting point for anyone involved in digital transformation. This program is designed to provide the core principles necessary to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit. It will inspire you to lead and support Digital Transformation as a Digital Champion. The course materials used are developed iteratively and continuously updated to always reflect the latest trends and insights.

In this program, participants learn to apply concepts like Design Thinking, Mapping Innovation, Business Agility, Agile Leadership, Digital Transformation Framework, and Emerging Technology to ignite and grow digital transformation within their organizations and teams. This program is structured around the five dimensions of Digital Transformation as shown in the framework. Actual cases and ambitions from participants are used – by applying the concepts mentioned – to explore each of these dimensions. At the end of the program, each participant pitches to the group on how they would like to initiate and support digital transformation within their organization or team. Based on feedback from the instructor and the other participants, the participant will acquire practical tips & tricks on how to apply best practices in the most effective way.

Program Objectives

Program Modules