Turn Knowledge into Performance

This page covers about who we are, what fuels us, how we deliver our services, and other essential things that help us stand the way we are today. We grow and exist not to just being the selected partner for our clients, but we also strive to be the best and make greater impact to our surroundings. We are Multimatics, helping you to Turn Knowledge into Performance.


Who We Are?


Digital transformation has turned the table for many companies. It prompts them to rethink their talent development strategies to drive their businesses. Investing in technologies will bring in more revenue. However, it is also vital to invest in people who will manage and orchestrate the technology. This human-machine collaborative has become such an imperative for many companies nowadays that they need to invest more in skill development. Investing in hard skill must be complemented with the suitable soft skill so that the employees will be able to work more effectively and efficiently. It is also important to address the issue of know-doing gap which happens in several organizations. This, has become a call for help from many companies and we are here to answer that call.

Multimatics Strategy is a leading learning centre that provides professionals to further develop their skills in a holistic manner. Not only equip them with the technical skills in running their jobs, our programs also complement them with the required soft skills to ensure a smoother and more efficient collaborations. This will assist the employees to contribute to the company optimally and in turn, help the companies achieve their goals in speed and in scale.

What Fuels Us?

Multimatics was founded since 2004 with the empowerment spirit as our fuel to move forward. We aim to give back to the community by delivering excellent services to further the employment and organizational effectiveness in Indonesia. With this in mind, Multimatics exists to develop Indonesian professionals to further develop their hard skills and soft skills in order to achieve their goals, contribute more to the company they work for, and be impactful to the community they live in. This in turn, will help the company to turn their knowledge to become a high performing organization.

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How We Help?

Multimatics gladly help you to further develop your talent by delivering in-demand solutions. In our tailored and personalized programs, our team will work with you side-by-side to ensure that the programs designed specifically to meet your needs and help you solve your problems. In addition, our short course programs are designed based on the current industry needs and therefore become the most-sought programs.

Below is our range of specialized and professional solutions:


Our seasoned consultants will guide you to devise a strategy to help you grow to be a High Performing Organization. We craft unparalleled solutions to your business problems, from Sales & Marketing, Operation, Production & Manufacture, Supply Chain, and more.


Our tailored programs made possible for you. It is specially designed to meet your needs, as we have over a decade of experience crafting customized and tailored training and development programs to make companies achieve their business goals even faster through their well-rounded employees.


Our short course programs are lasted around 2-3 days. It is designed for professionals who like to hone their hard and/or soft skills or learn something new to advance their careers. We have a wide range of skills to offer, each of them is specially designed according to the industrial standards.


These seasoned programs are specially crafted for those who have prior experience in their field of expertise and would like to sharpen their skills and have a value added by business and management related topics.

Align Your Competency Development Plan with Industry Demand

As the business landscape changes, so does the competency which needed by the professionals to be able to succeed in the competition and fit the industry’s demand. Below is Multimatics’ Competency Model which has been aligned with the most-sought skills in 2020 and the programs to hone those skills.

Job SkillJob Skill