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Tech Where You Wouldn't Expect IT

tech where you wouldnt expect it

As kids, we’re told to dream big. We imagine growing up to work in the entertainment field as pop stars or in the sports industry as pro basketball players. But when some of us realize we can’t sing as well as we thought or aren’t tall enough to make it in the NBA, those dreams change. Maybe they no longer have to.

Tech is everywhere, and IT pros have immersed themselves of all sorts of exciting industries through technology.

Does a part of you wish you could be working with big-name bands and local musicians? You could consider a career in music data journalism, tracking the popularity of up-and-coming artists. An interest in acoustic engineering might lead you to a career tailoring an artist's sound. Landing a job as a Spotify machine learning engineer would expose you to new music as you tailor discovery playlists to expand the listener's experience. Everyone needs IT support, including musicians.

Are your fondest memories hinged on the excitement of a big game? You can feel that same energy every time you go into work as a sports statistician or a sports engineer. From exercise tracking devices to real-time movement video analysis, you can create projects that benefit athletes everywhere.

Do you enjoy design and fashion? We have good news for you too! Technology is changing the fashion industry in unimaginable ways. IT is being integrated with programmable makeup in cutting-edge products such as smart eyelashes that can double as radio frequency identification. With the popularity of wearable tech on the rise, the possibilities for fashion innovation are limitless.

Interested in helping the environment? There’s room for IT in that too. Several clean-tech companies are looking for new ways to reduce energy waste by using data analysis. Advances in sensor technology can solve problems including acid rain and gas leaks. The Internet of Things is helping to reduce e-waste and track endangered species through drone monitoring. Universities are beginning to teach classes in programming smart homes and sustainable energy, which is an indicator of significant innovation coming soon.

Tech is everywhere, and you need to take advantage of that fact in your career. All industries are powered by technological advances, and they could use your insight. Keep your dreams alive, and use technology to improve the field that you are most passionate about. The world will be a better place for it.

(source: https://certification.comptia.org/it-career-news/post/view/2016/07/26/tech-where-you-wouldn-t-expect-it)

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