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The Importance of Service Desk Optimization

The Importance of Service Desk Optimization

In digital era, almost every organization has already adopted IT service management model based on ITIL framework to their IT services. On the other hand, there are also several organizations that focus on their IT infrastructure setup and operation. However, these organizations would neglect the importance of a service desk. In this case, organizations should start optimizing and building a mature service desk to ensure successful implementation of ITSM.

Main Processes of Service Desk Optimization

In optimizing service desk, organizations should automate incident management process and problem management process. Those processes could ensure reactive resolution of customer questions and problems, and proactive work to prevent recurring problems.

Incident management process has a purpose to resolve the requests of incident swiftly as long as it still possible. This process is also supporting several categories of incident requests which broken down into request for incident resolution, request for change, and request for information. Meanwhile, problem management process has a goal to decrease the incident number. This process includes problems that can be identified using the registered incident request information and identified by availability and capacity management.

Phases of Maturity Model for Service Desk Optimization

Organizations could reach a higher step of service desk maturity by adopting the best practices. In addition, there are four phases of maturity model that could be implemented by organizations to optimize their service desk.

Phase 1: best practices standardization and processes simplification. The goals of this phase are to reduce the expenses of operational and capital and improve resource utilization by standardizing processes and tools. Then, phase 2: incident management. In order to provide incident management services, organizations shall examine all required parts such as process tools, service desk ticketing systems, inboard and outboard messaging and notification tools, and etc.

Furthermore, the phase 3 is called problem management and knowledge management. Problem management aims to create and disseminate knowledge resulting from root-cause analysis of problems. Meanwhile, the purpose of knowledge management is to decrease incident volume by utilizing automated self-service and providing service personnel. Lastly, phase 4: change management focuses on enabling beneficial changes with minimum disruption to IT services.

Key Techniques to Improve Service Desk Optimization

Challenges are constantly faced by service desks while they resolve issues and requests from employee. However, there are several key techniques that could be implemented by service desks personnel to improve the quality of the service desk.

First, constantly evolve employee satisfaction feedback. Take note to positive actions and experiences and apply effective techniques to the entire organization. Then, create a readable record of employee complaints and how business take action to resolve those issues. After that, create reports that will illustrate general feedback trends. It could keep the transparency of your organization which later improve the service desk experience. Lastly, adopt service desk software that could help organizations improve productivity as well as enhance employee service experience.


A service desk looks at business needs rather than focusing solely on addressing user needs and takes the broader business context into account. Therefore, it is very crucial for organizations to optimize their service desk. In order to realize the service desk optimization, there are some process, phases, and techniques that could be implemented by organizations.

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