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Nowadays, it is the era of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) where every movement of goods, services, skilled professionals, and investments are free amongst the ten ASEAN country.

Indonesia was ranked near the bottom as it ranked 90 out of 109 countries in the 2015 Global Talent Competitive Index (GTCI) by INSEAD. It is a stiff competition between ASEAN market that Indonesia needs to face.

As a country, Indonesia needs to improve the talent pool, the professionals, in order to compete in this global economy. One effective way to improve the quality of Indonesia’s talent pool is through professional education which is what we do well at Multimatics.

Multimatics is one of the leading Consulting, Training, and Certification institutions in Indonesia, specializing in IT and Business Management training and consulting solutions, we provide integrated services which enhance company performance.

We have more than 10 years of experience delivering quality professional training, certifying people with internationally recognized certifications, and providing consultancy services based on internationally recognized framework and practices. Our bodies of certifications cover a wide range of technical skills including but not limited to IT Infrastructure Management, IT Security Management, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, and Financial Planning.

We provide consultancy services in improving your business in areas including IT Service Management, IT Security, IT Audit, IT Master Plan, and IT Governance. On top of it, we also provide consultancy in Management Consulting covering Strategic Management, HR Professional Assessment, Operation Management, Sales and Marketing Management, Project Management, and Risk Management.

Multimatics stands ready to equip Indonesian companies and their professionals through our proven International Certification programs in order to improve their professionals’ output, productivity, and to ultimately the company’s overall profit.

Let us together enhance our qualities and escalate Indonesia’s talent pool through certification and consultancy with us, Multimatics, your lifelong learning place!

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