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What You Should Know About Configuration Management Database (CMDB)!

What You Should Know About Configuration Management Database (CMDB)!

In this digital era, configuration management database, or CMDB, is sometimes referred to as ‘the heart of the IT Environment. It provides the information needed to make better business decisions and run efficient ITSM processes. This article will inform you what you should know about CMDB!

What is CMDB?

A configuration management database (CMDB) is a data repository that stores information about all assets in the IT environment within a company. CMDB enables efficient oversight and management of organizational assets or configuration items (CI), as well as greater insight into how they relate to one another across the company.

Why CMDB is Important?

1. CMDB Promotes Transparency, Visibility, and Better Management

As companies grows in size, it becomes more difficult to keep track of what assets they own, where they are deployed, and who controls them. The CMDB provides companies with a transparent and highly visible method of tracking IT assets within the company. Anyone with the right permissions can access the CMDB and check on the status and relationships between individual configuration items.

2. CMDB as a Risk Assessment Support

Change deployments and implementations are an importance source of risk. Therefore, change managers can use CMDB to understand the relationships between configuration items and predict which users, systems, software, and configuration items may be impacted by an upcoming change. Later, they can put in place strategies to reduce the risk of business disruption and ensure that the change process runs well.

3. CMDB as a Centralized Reference Point

Many companies have some asset data stored in log files, reports, and other databases where it is unused and disconnected from other important IT infrastructure data. CMDB can collect data from a variety of existing mediums and store it in one location. This ensures that existing data is effectively incorporated into the CMDB and used to populate key attribute data for CIs.

4. CMDB as a SKMS and Knowledge Management Process Support

Knowledge Management is one of the most important ITIL processes for a continuous, data-driven process improvement. Therefore, companies are expected to have a Service Knowledge Management System (SKMS). CMDB plays an important role for the success of these processes as it contains data on each configuration item. The SKMS can collect and analyze all of this data to gain insight into how assets can be managed and deployed more efficiently.

5. CMDB as an Incident and Problem Management Support

CMDB is a valuable source of information that can be used to improve Incident and Problem Management activities. When an incident management ticket is received in relation to a specific configuration item, the IT operator can use the CMDB to access the CI record for that item and learn everything there is to know about it.

How Does CMDB Work?

CMDB works by providing a location for people to store information about IT assets and other configuration items. This information is typically derived from a variety of sources. Typically, discovery and data import tools are used to identify configuration items in the IT environment and populate them into the CMDB. Manual inventories and audits are also used by some companies to update their CMDB data. Once data from various sources has been loaded into the CMDB, tools and processes that require it can access it in a unified and consistent manner.

Because of the volume of data and the format in which it is stored, it is uncommon for people to access configuration data directly from the CMDB. It is difficult to interpret a large amount of data in rows and columns. This is where other ITSM tools and reporting capabilities come in. These tools access the CMDB's data, sort it, filter it, and present it to users in a format that is more relevant to the operational or business problem they are attempting to solve.

As CMDB is a very crucial aspect of ITIL that drive success at all levels within the business, make sure that your company has it for a better and more effective IT service management.

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