Innovation Management Professional Certificate

Innovation Management provides a detailed understanding of the main concepts and definitions to learn more about this methodology that helps promote business innovation in a successful way, understanding this discipline that aims to promote a process or culture of initiatives that focus on disruptive changes or steps that transform the business in a significant way.

An innovation manager develops multiple intelligences that allow you to perceive, experience, question, collaborate and associate differently to develop innovative processes that achieve economic and social acceptance results.

Target Audience

Target Audience

Anyone interested in expanding their knowledge in Innovation Management and want to implement new tools to develop any type of project, product or service that meets the real needs of people through innovation.



The program is a 3-day intensive training class.

Method Of Delivery

Method of Delivery

The program provided by Multimatics will be delivered through interactive presentation by professional instructor(s), group debriefs, individual and team exercises, behavior modelling and roleplays, one-to-one and group discussion, case studies, and projects.


Program Objectives

Program Modules