Training & Certifications

The ITIL® Intermediate course is a dual stream modular series, each with a set of qualifications. The Service Lifecycle series will be of interest to candidates wishing to obtain knowledge of ITIL® practices within the Service Lifecycle context. The Service Capability series will be of interest to candidates who wish to be certified in a deep level understanding of processes and roles.

The purpose of these modules and the associated exams is, respectively, to impart, test, and validate the knowledge of industry practices in Service Management and the Service Lifecycle as documented in the ITIL® Service Management Practices core Publications.

All ITIL® Intermediate level qualifications are free-standing qualifications. Candidates can select the modules which are of interest to them based on their personal development or professional career requirements, and can use the available range of qualifications to develop specialism in specific ITIL Service Lifecycle stages, processes or practice areas.

Individuals can choose to take as few or as many ITIL® Intermediate qualifications as they would like and can take these at their own pace, using the ITIL Intermediate qualifications as a career progression tool; building upon their ITIL knowledge and skills base over a period of time as they move through their career in IT Service Management.

There are two modules in ITIL® Intermediate, which are:

1. Service Lifecycle

2. Service Capability

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