Training & Certifications

Production Planning and Resource Management (PPRM) or more commonly known as Production Planning and Inventory Control (PPIC) is the nerve centre of a manufacturing process.

The activities of an effective PPIC can hold the key to operational costing advantage, smooth daily operation, maintain positive working atmosphere, and increase the level sales competitiveness.

This training is a 2 days that is design to equip PPRM staffs with knowledge based on the highly recognised CISCP (Certification International Supply Chain Professional) Certification curriculum.

At the end of the program, the participants will be able to :

  1. To train under the internationally recognised CISCP Certification based curriculum
  2. Allow the PPRM staff to fulfil and exceed the position expectation
  3. To have a good understanding on the internationally accepted standard for an effective PPRM process

For professionals working in PPRM role.

The program is 2 days of intensive training class.


At the end of every program, the participants will be assessed with 50 online assessment questions.

Upon the end of the course a Certificate of Completion from Multimatics will be awarded.

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