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Polytechnic Lecturers Capacity Development Training And Certifications


We live in the age of disruption. Today, nearly every aspect of our professional and personal lives is now colored by unprecedented technological change to which organizations and their leaders need to respond – in fact, it will be key to their ability to successfully compete and succeed.

Embracing this industry 4.0, Polytechnic Education Development Project (PEDP) in collaboration with polytechnic universities organized these trainings in Capacity Development Training and Certification for Polytechnic Lecturers.

This project activity was carried out in collaboration between Multimatics, Polytechnics in Indonesia, Ministry of Education and Culture (MOEC) and Asian Development Bank (ADB) with the intention of increasing productivity and producing graduates responsive in labor market needs.

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things are the emerging technologies programs given to 78 polytechnic lecturers beneficiaries from 21 polytechnic campuses all over Indonesia. The main goal of these trainings and certification is to develop Polytechnic capacity and capability to support Indonesian needs in this new emerging technologies as the key factor to face the digital economy.

In between the training, Multimatics inserted the industry sharing from the professional, certified and practitioner in big data, sharing about the experiences from the industries that have already implemented big data and CEO of Logical Operations from US Dr. Bill Rosenthal, shared about the artificial intelligence and internet of things.

It is Multimatics honored to be part of these projects in increasing the capacity and capability of these polytechnic lecturers to continue support Indonesian needs and hoping to produce more graduates who is responsive in labor market.

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