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Multimatics Project Management Workshop for AGCI


JAKARTA (17/19), Multimatics held Project Management training for PT. Ace Global Consulting and Integration (AGCI), a subsidiary company of PT. Indomarco Prismatama (Indomaret Group). Indomaret itself is the biggest retail chains in Indonesia, boasting more than 14.000 stores, 29 distribution centers, and 150.000 employees (per June 2017).

The training program was held at GrandG7 Hotel on December 16th – 17th, 2019. This Project Management training program was trained by the executive director of Multimatics, Agus Setiawan.

AGCI have experience and expertise in applying proper software solution methodology and project management, both for small and large-scale projects. Moreover, since the success of a business lies in the ability to envision, develop, and deliver complex projects, AGCI needs management paradigm implemented through their organization, a project paradigm.

On this occasion, Multimatics gets the opportunity to provide Project Management training to human resources at AGCI thus AGCI can keep providing their best solution and integration for global industries.

The Project Management training program was held for two days, during the training program. This highly interactive program provides participants with coaching and practice questions. Through this training program, Multimatics hopes that AGCI will accomplish their business goals and they can maintain their human resources expertise in managing projects. Therefore, AGCI can keep provides best solutions among others as well as provide best assistance to their customers.

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