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Multimatics Has Achieved ATC ‘Circle of Excellence’ 2022 by EC-Council!

ATC ‘Circle of Excellence’ 2022 by EC-Council

On Oct 31st, PT Lifelong Learning (Multimatics) proudly announces that we successfully achieved one of the EC-Council global awards, ‘Circle of Excellence’ 2022. The EC-Council is a cybersecurity certification body that certifies professionals across the globe in various cybersecurity domains and setting the bar in cybersecurity education.

Quoted from the EC-Council website, the awards given by them showcase the qualities and capabilities of EC-Council’s top partners and provide an excellent quality benchmark for the rest to improve upon. The awards set apart the very best training partners against the rest, and honour their partners that have made contributions to cybersecurity education and training environments that create lasting impacts on their networks and local communities.

This milestone is a huge step for us, and this award shows Multimatics’ dedication of leaders, trainers, and partners in preparing our customers for EC-Council training and certifications. This achievement is also a manifestation of our commitment in providing the best services to our clients.

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