Multimatics And AMIK STIKOM ICPP MOA Signing


Jakarta (18/4), Jakarta (1/3), Multimatics and AMIK STIKOM signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) regarding the new partnership established for International Certification Partnership Programs. This MOA makes it possible for the students of AMIK STIEKOM to receive international-accredited certifications related to their disciplines.

International Certification Partnership Programs enable the educational institution to run selected certification programs from Multimatics to their students. Multimatics works with 11 renowned principals such as Microsoft, Adobe, CompTIA, and many more to prepare the students with the certifications that enhance their skills that will make them stand out in the job competition later on.

Multimatics hope that this partnership can be mutually benefit both parties in the long run, as well as the future participants of this certification programs.

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