Jakarta (20/6), APPBJI (Asosiasi Pengacara Pengadaan Barang/Jasa Indonesia) has signed a MoU of partnership with Multimatics. APPBJI is an association for lawyers who are intended to be involved and specialized in Procurement in Indonesia. APPBJI will focus on training and knowledge enhancement of people regarding the laws of procurement. It will also enhance the competence of human resources in Indonesia and give certification to those who intend to jump in procurement area.

APPBJI and Multimatics have signed off the MoU for partnership in training and certification for several programs. Both parties have tied up the knot to strengthen and empowering Indonesia’s human resources interested in procurement, moving towards a better service in procurement area. These training and certification programs are intended for professionals who wish to escalate their competence in procurement and purchasing field.

In the future, APPBJI and Multimatics might develop more of their trainings and certifications. Multimatics hopes that the partnership will go in a pleasant manner and last for a long time, and also be a mutual benefit for both parties as well as the future trainee of APPBJI and Multimatics training and certification programs.

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