Training & Certifications

Effective Sales Skills is a sales training skills designed for Front line sales executive to be able to understand a complete sales cycles based on CISMA (Certified International Sales Management Associate) Certification curriculum from PASAS Singapore. The program will trained the internationally proven sales skills that will increase sales and allow front line sales professionals escaped from price war mind-set.

At the end of the program, the participants will be able to :

  1. To train the 17 steps – Multi Dimensional sales process based from the internationally proven CISMA Curriculum
  2. Allow the sales professionals to analyse their own individual sales process and take up correction actions when they are not productive
  3. Have grounded understanding of what sales profession is and why it is worth building a career on and in Professional sales ethics
  4. Able to demonstrate good understanding of the fundamentals in relationship/consultative sales skills and process

For professionals who are looking for a rewarding career in a sales related position seeking to increase their knowledge in sales technique and fundamentals in order to advance in the sales career paths.

The program is a 2days of intensive training class.


At the end of the program, the participants will be assessed with 50 online assessment questions.

Upon the end of the course a Certificate of Attendance from Multimatics will be awarded.

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