Logicmills is a 21st Century Assessment and Training Provider founded by Prof. Mark Nowacki. Logicmills with its unique MirMe® Soft Skill Assessment Tools provide a unique and highly accurate HR Assessment based on the HR skills needed by corporations for the 21 Century and the training solution needed to improve on the skills required. The assessment can be given for a wide range of age, starting from students until professionals by using gamification method. MirMe® SQ assessment and training have been validated by MOE (Ministry of Education) Singapore. Whereas the assessment result has been validated using a research by Max Planck Institute (Berlin), which is world’s premier research institute in the social sciences and creators of the PISA Test and fast and frugal heuristics.

Prof. Zainal Hasibuan

Chairman, APTIKOM & BSNP

"In the era of globalization we must recognize that the International language for Professionals is Certification."

Dr. rer. nat. AB Susanto, M.Sc

Deputy Director Adm/ Finance, SEAMEO-SEAMOLEC

"Training at Multimatics is very good because the trainer are very experinced and have a very high skill."

Arif Sunandar

VP IT Operation Group, Bank Mandiri

"Toward AEC 2015, our students must be equipped with International Certification so they can compete with foreigners."

Tri Haryanto

Head of IT Division, Jasa Raharja

"To achieve the company goals, I need a highly qualified ICT team member. I trust Multimatics as the place to train my team."

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