Training & Certifications

ICANSELL Series is a proven and effective application of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) based and Advisory Sales Skills design for those who are in sales profession and with customised content for service to specific branch of profession to Increase their Sales Revenue by at least 20%. ICANSELL combines Advisory approach with specific sales soft skills designed to deliver best approach to open doors to engage prospects and trigger buying impulse to close sales.

At the end of the program, the participants will be able to :

  1. Advance Sales Talk Techniques based on Advisory Sales Skills and applied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) soft skills
  2. Practical and effective sales skills to open doors to engaging prospects, handle the sales effectively, and close sales through effective objection handling

All professionals that are involved in sales profession.

The program is 2 days of intensive training class.


There will be an online assessment of 50 questions at the end of the session.

At the end of program the participants will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion from Multimatics.

  1. Thought Analysis on Decision Making
  2. Wealth Principles
  3. Character Building for Success
  4. Patterns and Habits
  5. Developing Character of Discipline
  1. Persuasive Communication
  2. Advance Asking and Answering Techniques
  3. Building Instant Rapport Skills
  4. Triggering Buying Impulse Techniques
  5. Advance Objection Handling Techniques
  6. Advisory Sales Talk Through Financial Planning Approach
  1. Clearing Verbal Package
  2. Optimal Body Language
  3. Meta Programming Prospects
  4. Hypnotic Language Pattern
  1. Choosing Language of Self Talk
  2. Self Meta Programming
  3. Controlling Mind Power and Focus
  4. Creating Well-formed Outcome
  5. Awakening Inner Giant Potential

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