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Today, digitalization has forced organization to change its business model into a new one that incorporated digital technology. Those who have utilize technology for their business process is often called Digital Enterprise. Moreover, in this era of digital, Data Science can become a competitive advantage for digital enterprise in the increasingly complex business competition. It has brought the capability to transform industries and potentially change the long-running traditional business models on every organization.

However, Indonesia still lagging behind the other selected markets in capturing its digital potential (McKinsey, 2016). One of the main reasons is Indonesia still lacks the tech talents, including data scientist. Therefore, Multimatics is here with Data Science Academy program aims to prepare and develop those who are talented in Data Science as well as expected to provide an impactful contribution to the client.

With this Data Science Superstar program, we provide complete solutions for you to become Data Scientist based on your unique needs and background. Further, the duration described as follows.

Data Science academy

The candidates of Data Science Academy will further divided into three levels: Talent Level, Hero Level, and Superstar Level.

This program has several objectives as follows:

  • Build and generate great data science skill
  • Provide a training with holistic end-to-end solutions
  • Give the deep understanding on data science
  • Assist the organizations to improve their human resources capabilities.

This program has several useful benefits as follows:

  • Generate data-driven decision making
  • Help the organization to develop their business growth
  • Administer regulatory & risk
  • Enable productivity & efficiency in the organization
  • Gain more opportunity and possibility in business
  • Expand customer segmentation focus

Data Science Academy is designed for data enthusiast both from IT and Non-IT background that will generated into data scientist.

  • Z2S is Zero to Superstar program will be conducted for 8 weeks in a 2-3 hours a day class (3 times a week)
  • T2S is Talent to Superstar program will be conducted for 6 weeks in a 2-3 hours a day class (3 times a week)
  • H2S is Hero to Superstar program will be conducted for 4 weeks in a 2-3 hours a day class (3 times a week)

Open registration is used to select and prepare candidates.
Technical Assessment, Non-Technical Assessment, and Interview will be used for selecting candidates. First, the assessment tool will be used PX Matics that provides three simulations: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Essay, and Hands-On. Then, Multimatics will provide 3 (three) experts for the interview process to deeply assess candidates interests and motivations.
In Accelerator stage, candidates will be doing the learning process & activities, which aims to enrich candidates with insight, practice and knowledge about Data Science provided by our experienced best trainer.
Candidates will be given certain project in 2 (two) weeks, include coaching session (1-2 session/week) with up to 5 (five) mentors for each class as well as other equipment required for this stage.
Project Demo is the stage where candidates demonstrate their own projects with 1 (one) external expert serves as judges equipped with a demo scoring rules (assessment form) for every academy.
Graduation will be declared after the candidates have through all the phases in Data Science Academy program.>

  1. Intro to Data Science
  2. Python Programming
  3. Statistics
  4. Data Preparation
  5. Machine Learning
  6. SQL
  7. Natural Language Processing
  8. Deep Learning
  9. Big Data Tools

Our Data Science Superstar program with Capstone Project has several advantages specifically in financial industry, namely:

Data Science academy
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