Corporate Social Responsibility

Caring By Sharing 2022 with security and janitor staff

CSR 2022

Jakarta (4/28) Multimatics held a Caring by Sharing (CSR) with all security and janitor staff as an act of giving back in the holy month of Ramadhan. The event is held on Thursday, April 28th 2022.

CSR 2022

The event was held by inviting and donating to Multimatics’ Janitor Staffs, as well as AXA Tower Janitor and Staffs, to show our gratitude to them for supporting Multimatics in maintaning office security and cleanliness, as well as Multimatics’ business operational processess to run smoothly. The event then continued by a photo session with Multimatics' staffs and all security staffs and janitor.

CSR 2022

By conducting CSR, Multimatics believes in community support and sharing as aessential elements for Multimatics in running its business. Therefore, Multimatics hopes to hold CSR event in the upcoming years.

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