IT Governance

IT Governance Maturity Assessment
Good Corporate Governance needs to be supported by Good IT Governance. IT is not just an operational activity which automates manual processes. Good IT Governance should involve top management who ensures and management team who manages planning, development, operation, and monitoring. Multimatics can help your organization to conduct IT Governance Maturity Assessment in order to get a measurement of maturity and as a form of transparency and continual improvement.

IT Master Plan
How can IT fulfil customer expectation without becoming a “burden” to business, how can IT be the pioneer within company’s transformation in digital era, and how can IT possess a clear, precise, and measureable program plan? All these questions come to one solution, IT Master Plan. A robust and mature IT Master Plan shall be implemented and evaluated periodically. Multimatics as a consulting company can help organization in preparing the IT Master Plan. Current (as-is) governance, architecture, service, and IT infrastructure will be assessed in order to come out with recommendation and implementation roadmap in form of initiatives and projects which comply with business strategy, current trend of technology, and economy, social, and politic issues.

IT Enterprise Architecture
Acquisition, merger, and establishment of holding company are corporate acts that need a thorough review involving the whole entity and business process. IT, as one of the entity, holds a crucial and important role. Organization needs to have a reliable and well managed IT Enterprise Architecture. IT Enterprise Architecture will guide organization in forming a unified IT environment that is aligned with business goals and able to response to future disruption. Multimatics is able to help and assist your organization to prepare and create IT Enterprise Architecture that is tailored to suit your organization.

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