Turn Knowledge Into Performance

As the most thriving professional services specializing in IT Management and Strategy, our consultants will guide you to turn knowledge into performance. Our consultants will not only provide you with proven advices and insights, but also with a thorough action plan to implement the knowledge. Supported by widely recognized frameworks and best practices, we will help you to achieve more of your business goals.



Manage enterprise IT by aligning in with business goals, managing the risk and complying with regulations to optimize business performance


IT Service Management

Integrate process, capabilities, and technology for quality services and IT optimization


Cyber Security

Protect system , networks, and data through enhanced people, process, and technology to minimize loss from cyber attacks


Data Management

Elevate data management strategies to optimize business decision and performances



We collaborate with Multimatics to spread the awareness of IT Governance maturity level through training, certification, and consultancy, especially in BUMN, in which we hope that this will help enterprises, private, and government, to increase their maturity level in IT Governance

Tri Haryanto

Head of IT Division

PT. RAIN, Tbk.

We appointed Multimatics and have established a long-term collaboration as our consultant for more than 5 years. They have been supporting us with professional and experienced consultants. They gave us an extensive solutions from building an extensive website until implementation of ERP.

Agoes Soegiarto


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