Training & Certifications

This program provides the fundamental knowledge and skills that will enable students to further appreciate computer technology developments; understand essential Information and Communication Technology; perform desktop computer assembly and reassemble, Operating Systems and Software installations, setup and operation; design and implement Local Area Network technology.

At second semester, the students will study product design using CG applications, social media for internet marketing and promote the result into the Web also develop the list of products in database application.

At the end of the program the students will be able understand the development of computer and networking technology and also product design for market to the web and develop database of products. Specifically, they will be able to:

  1. Understand the fundamental concepts of Information and Communication Technology, Computers, and Networking Technology.
  2. Appreciate the importance of computer components, peripherals, OS and software development and operate effective and efficient desktop computers.
  3. Perform desktop computer assembly, upgrade, troubleshooting and Operating Systems as well as software installation and setup.
  4. Understand Local Area Network and its significance in information systems and development.
  5. Appreciate the importance of internet marketing and social media.
  6. Design a product using CG application.
  7. Promote the product on the Web.
  8. Develop database of products using database application.
  9. Apply their knowledge and skills for their personal development, professionalism and healthy work, founded on sound values and ethics.

This program is designed for students.

This program is a 69 hours equivalent to 2 semesters of intensive training class.


Students’ competency in various aspects such as computer operation, use of software features, production of quality output, and presentation of individual or group work will be assessed using appropriate tools such as class discussion, report, observation of work, and project presentation. Passing CIT certification exam and a well-documented project is required for completion of the program.

CIT certificate of achievement will be awarded upon completion of all requirements and have a minimum passing exam grade of 70%.

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