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Introduction to ITIL 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver, and Support

Introduction to ITIL 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver, and Support

The ITIL 4 Specialist Create, Deliver, and Support (CDS) is designed to provide IT professionals a better understanding of service quality and improvement approaches, allowing them to continue to serve consumers with innovative reliable tech-enabled services. CDS is a practical compendium of knowledge and guidance for anybody involved in the development and management of services in all aspects.

From concept to reality, from demand to value, and from design, build, and test to management and support, CDS gives a holistic perspective of all service delivery activity. It also provides information on collaboration, culture, and teamwork, which is relevant to all parties.

What's in CDS

CDS consists of what is discussed within ITIL 4 Foundation, mainly about value streams. The content of CDS follows the four dimensions of service management in the ITIL 4 Foundation, namely:

a. Organizations and people

This contains sections on several sorts of organizational structures and when they should be used. It contains guidance on teamwork and defining customer-oriented culture, servant leadership, and collaborative culture. A section on communication skills and competences is also included as it has traditionally been important for service management.

b. Information and technology

It describes a variety of available technologies for application in current service contexts. Professionals must maintain a high degree of expertise and understanding of market options and their potential, such as service enhancement, efficiency, human resource management, cost savings, competitive advantage, etc.

c. Partners and suppliers

Organizations must be inclusive in their approach to creating and delivering value streams. This involves viewing partners and suppliers as key elements. Collaboration is not just a capability that exists within a company. External partners are critical value-adding links in the value stream who should be treated as valued partners rather than resources. ITIL 4 and CDS are aware of this and offer helpful advice.

d. Value Streams and processes

CDS emphasizes the importance of adaptability and agile ways of working. Customer experience and business value are the drivers; work should include journey mapping as well as value stream mapping. Most service activities will involve a variety of techniques and processes, as well as various stakeholder groups and tools, and will result in a variety of outcomes. This variability should be reflected in ways of working.

Benefits of CDS Implementation

Companies that implement CDS in their service management will get several benefits which can enhance their quality of services. First, delivery. CDS provides tools and best practices that enable companies to create and deliver efficient IT-powered services. Next, quality. CDS practitioners are aware of and strive for optimal service quality in situations that are always improving. Even for existing services, this results in continual improvements.

After that is transparency. CDS develops a holistic understanding of how companies utilize technology throughout the entire value system. Next is supports. CDS supports a holistic view of how services generate value. This includes providing enough support to users and employees, facilitating services and increasing their reliability. Last is people. Managers can clearly comprehend team and organizational capabilities, as well as roles and cultures, thanks to CDS. This benefits both management and strategic decision-making.


CDS is highly recommended if companies wish to deliver value through technology. CDS provides both the high-level view and the practical detail across the landscape, to help companies effectively align their IT services and management with their business goals.

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