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Do You Want to be a Data Science Superstar?

Do You Want to be a Data Science Superstar?

Reasons Why Join the Data Science Superstar

Data Science Superstar is a program that provide complete solutions for you to become Data Scientist based on your unique needs and background. There are several reasons why you should join the data science superstar. First, data science becomes a competitive advantage for digital enterprise in increasingly complex business competition. Data science has brought the capability to transform industries and has the potential to change long-running traditional business models in every organization.

Furthermore, Indonesia still lags the other selected markets in capturing its digital potential (McKinsey, 2016). Indonesia is also lacking the tech talents, including data scientist and is facing a shortage of tech talent that threatens the growth of technology industry with the estimated economic impact of $21.8 Billion unrealized output (Korn Ferry: The Global Talent Crunch, 2018). Lastly, by following data science superstar program, you could prepare and develop your talent in data science as well as makes you able to provide an impactful contribution.

Main Objectives of Data Science Superstar

Data science superstar program aims to prepare and develop those who are talented in data science. Moreover, this data science superstar is also aimed to improve your skills in data science by helping you build and generate great data science skill. Then, the program will provide the end-to-end solutions by providing training with holistic support. After that, through data science superstar program, you are expected to have deep understanding on data science as well as leverage your skills areas and help you have an adequate knowledge on how to become a successful data scientist. Lastly, this program aims to assist organizations in improving their human resources capabilities.

In addition, the data science superstar program specially designed by Multimatics will be equipped with capstone project. It includes the assignment of a certain project for participants and a coaching session with mentors as well as other equipment required. The capstone project itself will has several advantages specifically in financial industry such as improve customer targeting focus, assume business development growth, better risk assessment and management, enhance productivity, efficiency, and decision making, further business possibilities and opportunities, and lastly, enabling digitalized banking.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Data Scientist

A data scientist's main objective is to organize and analyze large amounts of data. Frequently using software specifically designed for the task, but there are other roles and responsibilities of a data scientist. To begin with, data scientist is responsible to plan, implement, and assess high-level statistical models in the business’s most complex issues such as developing econometric and statistical models for various problems including projections, classification, clustering, pattern analysis, sampling, and simulations.

Moreover, data scientist is also performing a vital role in the advancement of innovative strategies to understand the business’s consumer trends and management as well as ways to solve difficult business problems. Then, since the role of data scientist is not a solitary role, a data scientist is also needed to collaborate with superior data scientists to communicate obstacles and findings to relevant stakeholders, as an effort to enhance drive business performance and decision-making. Lastly, data scientist also take role in exploring different technologies and tools with the vision of creating innovative data-driven insights for the business at the most agile pace feasible.


Data science has brought the capability to transform industries and has the potential to change long-running traditional business models in every organization. Data science superstar program can be the answer for those aspire to be a successful data scientist. This program will provide a complete solution on how to become data scientist based on participant unique needs and background.

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