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The Gate of ITIL 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support

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Overview of the ITIL 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support

The ITIL 4® Managing Professional consists of four books in which ITIL 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support (CDS) is one of them. The ITIL 4 Specialist: CDS is a guidance for those involved in all aspects of service development and management. It defined as a practical and holistic approach for delivering innovative and reliable tech-enabled services to customers. A successful IT service development and management should emphasis on two key elements of success: perspective and flexibility.

In CDS, perspective is provided through the lens of professionalism. It covers areas such as people, organization, culture, teamwork, and so on; this involves collaboration with other teams through a toolkit of communication and engagement methods. Meanwhile, flexibility is delivered through the implementation of ITIL guiding principles for building and managing value streams, combining processes, practices, and other elements together since the expectations around customer experience and business value could not be fulfilled through a single and isolated view.

The Benefits Obtained from CDS

The ITIL 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver and Support (CDS) focuses on a practical and holistic approach to the creation and management of effective services, including the creation and improvement of value streams for new and existing services. Organizations and professionals who adapt the CDS would likely generate a higher level of professionalism and have a more integrated approach in creating and delivery the product and services.

Furthermore, the CDS will also help the IT Service Management community to the journey of understanding the Agile and DevOps ways of working as well as enables them for developing the ability to move more quickly into the new world of service management since CDS provides a guidance of what they need to know and the tools to practice it.

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